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Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished faculty members, staff, honored guests, and dear students,

A very warm welcome to each one of you as we gather here today to commemorate the tenth anniversary of our esteemed Faculty of Built and Natural Environment. Today, we not only celebrate a decade of our faculty’s existence but also reflect upon the challenges we have faced and the milestones we have achieved during this remarkable journey.

When we embarked on this endeavour ten years ago, we had a clear vision of establishing a faculty that would contribute significantly to the study and preservation of our built and natural environments. Today, I stand before you proud to announce that, through our collective efforts and unwavering support, we have established high standards in teaching, research, and community service. Our faculty’s success is a testament to the dedication and resilience demonstrated by each and every one of you in shaping remarkable minds, driving innovation, and contributing to the academic community.

As we reflect on our journey, we acknowledge the challenges we have encountered. Lack of office equipment, limited access to funds, low student enrollment statistics, a scarcity of laboratories, the absence of a workshop, and the dearth of licensed software for teaching and learning have posed significant hurdles. However, every obstacle we have faced has made us stronger and more determined to overcome these challenges. We recognize the need to address these issues to ensure a conducive learning and research environment for all our stakeholders.

Amidst these challenges, we have also achieved remarkable milestones. We are proud to have obtained accreditation for new programs in the faculty, which speaks to our commitment to providing relevant and high-quality academic programs that meet the needs of our students and stakeholders. Furthermore, our collaborations with esteemed institutions such as the University of South Africa, University of Johannesburg, London South Bank University, GREDA, and other universities have opened doors for research, internships, and academic pursuits, enriching the experience of our faculty members and students.

In line with our commitment to sustainable development, we have established and launched a Sustainable Development Center. This center will serve as a platform for research, training, and advocacy on sustainable development issues in Ghana and beyond. By focusing on sustainability, we aim to make a lasting impact on our society and promote environmentally conscious practices in all our endeavors.

As we look to the future, we have outlined a clear way forward. Staff development is a priority, as we strive to provide our faculty members with opportunities for growth and professional advancement. Increasing collaborations with industry partners and academic institutions will enhance research and internship opportunities for our students and faculty. We are also committed to strategically increasing the female enrollment in the faculty, ensuring a diverse and inclusive academic environment.

To support our ambitions, we will intensify our efforts in proposal writing for grants and explore opportunities for generating internal revenue through the Income-Generating Fund (IGF). Additionally, we will offer certificate courses and short programs to cater to the needs of professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Investments in infrastructure are crucial for our faculty’s growth and development. We plan to establish a Block and Concrete Products Factory, providing hands-on learning experiences for our students and supporting research in construction technology. Furthermore, we will mount Mtech programs for the departments within the Faculty, catering to the evolving needs of our students and industry demands.

Embracing digital transformation, we aim to adopt a fully computer-based training (CBT) approach by 2025, offering a modern and efficient learning experience to our students. Additionally, we strive to achieve 70% paperless communication within the faculty, reducing our environmental impact and embracing sustainable practices.

In conclusion, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, let us reflect on the remarkable achievements, the challenges we have overcome, and the milestones we have reached. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all faculty members, past and present, for their remarkable contributions in making our faculty what it is today. I express my gratitude to our dedicated faculty and staff, ambitious students and alumni, as well as our generous donors and partners for their unwavering support and commitment.

Our journey has just begun, and the next ten years hold limitless possibilities and continued success. By working together, collaborating, and sharing a sense of purpose, we will achieve even greater heights. Let us envision a future that embraces innovation, leadership, and a commitment to creating a better world.

Thank you for being part of our story, and I am excited to witness the chapters we will write together in the coming years. Let us celebrate, learn, and grow as we embark on this week of commemoration.

Here’s to the next ten years of the Faculty of Built and Natural Environment! May it be filled with boundless opportunities and continued success.

Thank you very much.