Higher National Diploma Environmental Management and Technology Department (HND)

Structure of the Programme (Semester-by-semester schedule/structure, of course, showing the credit value of each course). These are presented in the tables below

First Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
AFS101 African Studies I 2.0
CLT101 Computer Literacy I 2.0
COM101 Communication Skills I 2.0
EMT 117 Introduction to Environmental Technology 3.0
EMT111 Introduction to Environmental Science I 6.0
EMT113 Basic Soil Science 3.0
EMT115 Engineering Fundamentals 2.0
MATH101 Engineering Mathematics I 4.0
Totals 24.0


First Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
CFS102 Computer for Scientist II 2.0
COM102 Communication Skills II 2.0
EMT120 Introduction to Environmental Science II 3.0
EMT122 Geochemistry 6.0
EMT124 Energy and the Environment 3.0
FRE 102 French 2.0
INA100 Industrial Attachment I 2.0
MATH102 Engineering Mathematics II 2.0
Totals 22.0


Second Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
EMT231 Electrical and Electronic Principles 3.0
EMT233 Climate Change 3.0
EMT235 Environmental Law and Policy 3.0
EMT237 Water Resource Management 2.0
EMT239 Occupational Health and Safety 2.0
EMT241 Environmental Impact Assessment 2.0
EMT243 Environmental Quality Engineering I 3.0
Totals 18.0


Second Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
EMT240 Ecological Survey 3.0
EMT242 Environmental Systems Design 3.0
EMT244 Sustainable Rural Development 2.0
EMT246 Solid Waste Management I 2.0
EMT248 Environmental Quality Engineering II 2.0
EMT250 Environmental Impact Assessment II 2.0
EMT252 Research Methods 2.0
INA202 Industrial Attachment 2.0
Totals 18.0


Third Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
EMT351 Environmental Quality Engineering III 3.0
EMT353 Project I 2.0
EMT355 Solid Waste Management II 2.0
EMT357 Environmental Management 3.0
EMT359 Geology 3.0
EMT361 Wildlife and Protected Area Management 3.0
Totals 16.0


Third Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
EMT360 Landfill Technology and Operations 0.0
EMT362 Entrepreneurship 0.0
EMT364 Environmental Management Systems 0.0
EMT366 Geographical Info. Systems and Remote Sensing 0.0
EMT368 Project II 0.0
EMT370 Environmental Remediation 0.0
Totals 0.0